Welcome to Alchemy For Me - a free tool for you.

What is Alchemy For Me?

Alchemy For Me is free tool for those exploring what personal coaching and balance coaching is about. Though it is a scaled back version of Alchemy For Life, it will allow you to 'test drive' what it's all about. You will be able to create an account and fill out your balance sheet. You can see how the balance sheet looks and make adjustments.

Many people find that sheet alone has enough inpact to sign up!

Since there is no coach, you will not be able to work with him to set goals, or see the conversations on line.

Alchemy For Me is completely free but when you are ready to engage the coach your account will be converted to an Alchemy For Life account, and you'll recieve the full benifit of a video coach to set goals, review your balance sheet, and see conversations.